Life Goals

I have this list in my head, and I add to it periodically, and I have no idea how long it actually is. This is my first attempt to codify it.

  1. Live overseas. (CHECK.)
  2. Pay off my student loans before I’m 30 (I am WORKING ON IT, okay, Sallie Mae?)
  3. Become conversationally fluent in another language
  4. Learn to sail a boat
  5. Sail across the Atlantic Ocean, alone
  6. Skydive
  7. Be in a band
  8. Achieve a fitness level with which I am satisfied
  9. Visit all the continents
  10. Appear on Jeopardy!
  11. Fly (not with a glider, or a plane. Fly. Really Fly. Get on it, Science.)
  12. Marry
  13. Have kids
  14. Teach my kids every song we ever did at McMahon Family Christmas
  15. Adopt a child/children
  16. Ride a horse
  17. Ride an elephant
  18. Work in an elephant sanctuary
  19. Go fishing (I never have! I know.)
  20. Attend the Olympic Games
  21. Attend a World Series (preferably if the Yankees are playing)
  22. Attend a World Cup Game
  23. Be able to fill out an application/government forms WITHOUT getting nauseated/needing to cry
  24. Write a book.
  25. Visit the following places: Ireland.France.Venice.Machu Picchu.Sri Lanka.Nepal.New Zealand.California.The Rocky Mountains.Scotland.Egypt.THE MOON.Prince Edward Island
  26. Make an art project. On purpose. A hang-able one.
  27. Never, ever, ever stop learning.
  28. Be able to financially support ministries and missions.
  29. Converse with Jesus every single day.
  30. Never lose the ability to laugh.
  31. Bungee jump
  32. Parasail. or kiteboard
  33. Go back to Australia for longer than a week
  34. Have a vegetable/fruit garden and eat the produce thereof
  35. Not kill a plant (is where I should start for #34)
  36. Perform (singing. Is what I mean.)
  37. Own a bathrobe (I feel like that would make me instantly classy? or gross, depending on if I want a grody-landlady vibe or an elegant hotel guest vibe?) (I guess it’s good to have options?)
  38. Not be afraid of bicycles
  39. Build a treehouse
  40. Live in a treehouse
  41. Hike the Rockies/Appalachian trail/ALPS
  42. Visit Alps/drink goats’ milk/feel like Heidi
  43. Learn how to make cheese
  44. Run a half-marathon
  45. Hug a wombat

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