Things to know about Colleen:

1. I like to write and I love to read and I can never do either of those things frequently enough.

2. I am currently (March 2012) halfway through my first year teaching English in Daegu, South Korea. I was raised in Connecticut and went to university in Oklahoma. I don’t know why I did that, but I am mostly glad I did.

3. My childhood role models were Anne Shirley, Ramona Quimby, Amelia Bedelia, Lucy and Peppermint Patty from Peanuts and the Israelite prophetess Deborah.  Which explains some things.  But only some.

4. I do not know anything at all about boats except for some terms that I probably misapply but like to say (athwart the beam! jib boom!), but it is a Life Goal of mine to sail across a Large Body of Water someday by myself.

5. Other Life Goals include appearing on Jeopardy! and skydiving

6. I love York Peppermint Patties. Buy me some and secure my Eternal Regard.

7. I have a Very Large Family: Mom and Dad, married for 34 years come August. Oldest brother Matt, Sister-in-law Carissa, and their five kids. Older Sister Lauren. Older brother Josh, Sister-in-law Alyssa, and their two kids. Older Brother James (and, in 20 days, Sister-in-law Christina!), ME, Younger Sister Sarah, Younger Brother Jon, Younger Brother David, Younger Brother Tim, Youngest Sister Abi. That’s 2 parents, 9 siblings, 3 in-law siblings, 4 nieces, 3 nephews. And it’s only gonna get bigger from here.

8. Understand from Item 7 that I have Middle Child Syndrome like you would not BELIEVE.

9. Intellectual attractiveness made me have a crush on a Congressman from 1830. (Other kids of attractiveness made me have crushes on Hugh Jackson, Taye Diggs, and Channing Tatum but that is beside the point)

10. Someday I want to own a baby elephant. I am 97% sure I cannot be talked out of this.

11. My life is fueled by the sacrifice and faithfulness of Jesus.

12. I tend to exaggerate. “Tend to” here means “constantly, without cease.”


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  1. Right on.

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