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Happy 2013, friends! I write this on my sister’s new laptop in my new bright blue penguin bedecked pajama pants. O Christmas. I’ve had an amazing vacation made up of the usual McMahon Christmas insanity plus the added measure of my little brother’s wedding. With Christmas and wedding finished, the first days of 2013 will mark movement. Tomorrow morning I head back to Daegu and back to work: back to intensives and waking up at 6.30 for the 7.25 shuttle; back to mostly-decent cafeteria food and not understanding what anyone says most of the time. Back to coffeeshops and cheap restaurants and germy children and dry, dry cold and excellence in friends and in public transportation.

2012 is getting mixed and mostly negative reviews. That happens every year and I have nothing meaningful to contribute to that discussion. But I did figure that, for my first post of 2013, I ought to tally up what I gained and lost and ventured in the Year that Was.

In 2012:

  • James married Christina and Jonny married Nina, making a gain of two sisters. The boy-girl tally of the McMahon family now stands at 6 boys, 8 girls. LADIES. WE’RE FINALLY IN THE LEAD
  • Kezia was born, bringing the niece-nephew tally to 3 boys, 4 girls. I AM WEIRDLY COMPETITIVE ABOUT THIS
  • Participated (as an instructor) in two intensive teacher training programs for South Korean elementary school teachers. Was woefully unqualified and felt nauseated most of the time, but finished without students realizing that
  • Realized I hate teaching
  • Discovered running
  • Three 10K races under my belt. One more and a half marathon on deck before summer 2013
  • For the first time in my life I own over 20 pairs of shoes, only one of which are flip-flops. Note: THIS IS NOT A POINT OF PRIDE
  • Sang on purpose in public with a band. More than once. And liked it
  • Went on a date by accident (with this guy). And liked it
  • Moved into my first and second Very Own Apartments
  • Arm-wrestled dozens of assorted Korean elementary and middle schoolers. Only lost three times but those boys were beefy hulking 8th graders and plus they cheated
  • Became by default the worship leader in my church service. Am working on liking it
  • Ate too many waffles, drank too many mochas, regret neither
  • Developed crushes on BOYS and got over them
  • Discovered the magic of Korea in the spring. Am very much looking forward to re-discovering it
  • Turned 25, which I did not blog about but which I celebrated for about a month. Hashtag birthdaypalooza
  • Got kicked out of CostCo
  • Completed my first year of employment in South Korea and began my second

2012 was many things but one of them was not boring, and that shall be attributed it as a merit. That might be the theme of 2012 in the life of Colleen: “The Year that Was Not Boring.” Other possible titles: “God is Good and so are Waffles” “Running is Not Just for Being Chased or Needing to Pee” “Singing>Teaching>Teaching Singing” “Trust in God and Be Brave”

I like that. Maybe I’ll make it mine for 2013.