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You know those ‘scared straight’ programs where busted gangsters and whatnot try to frighten at-risk youth into becoming law-abiding citizens? Or, this?

If that program had an evil twin where they scare good kids into being criminals they could force the children to look at my planner for the next two weeks. “She never had a parking ticket,” they’d say. “And this is how she ended up.” Because no amount of not-prison is worth this week’s schedule.

So maybe I’m a little busy. OBVIOUSLY zero percent of my insane next 10 days is due to procrastination. OBVIOUSLY. Shut up! It’s my blog!

Here’s part of my to-do list:

  • Buy gift supplies for kindergarten faculty and Korean staff
  • Make Christmas gifts for kindergarten faculty and Korean staff
  • Make Christmas gift list for family
  • Buy Christmas gifts for family
  • Buy wedding gift for Lil Bro and Nearly Sis (aka Nonatheen)
  • Buy train ticket to Seoul for flight home
  • Book hostel in Seoul for night before flight
  • Find and compile sheet music for next week’s Christmas music class
  • Distribute Sheet music to teachers
  • Compile music for next week’s caroling party
  • Bake for caroling party
  • Compile supplies for Christmas craft class
  • Learn Kindy lessons
  • Finish writing TOEFL prep class finals review
  • Finish writing TOEFL prep class final exam
  • Decipher grading system for Toefl prep class
  • Grade final exams
  • Enter semester grades
  • Do laundry
  • Send Caroling party email
  • Pack
  • Attend social function for new teachers
  • Organize Sunday’s worship service
  • Prepare for church Christmas rehearsal

It feels like finals week. Why does it feel like finals week? THIS IS WHY I QUIT SCHOOL PEOPLE. THIS IS WHY.

And now, with all of this on my plate, I am going to finish this super-necessary blog post, and go for a run. FOR THE CHILDREN.