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All right, ALL right. All right! I’m writing. I’m doing it. WRITING. AGAIN.

(All caps is to my writing like stretching is to my exercising. An essential component.)

(So are parentheticals.)

‘Where have you been, young lady?’ questions my blog. Sternly.

Forgive me, blog. (side note: does anyone else remember those neo-pet/tamagotchi things from junior high? and how if you left them alone they’d starve, or behave destructively, or poop, a LOT? [I never had one because 1. my mother knew better than to spend our discretionary income on digitized poo and 2. if one of us had one then the other 9 would feel slighted. Which, for the record, I would have been fine with, provided I was the 1 and not the 9.] Luckily blogs…do not behave that way. Though I might write more consistently if they did…that’s not the kind of regularity I’m striving for. Poop jokes! Get ‘em out. )

(NESTED PARENTHETICALS. I think I pulled something)

Anyway. I can shame myself by explaining the hiatus as laziness, or appear virtuous by explaining it as busy-with-real-hard-work, or I can say what is true: Korea and I have been getting to know each other a little better.

In fact we just celebrated our one-year anniversary, and life, as I mentioned a little while ago, is more and more even-keeled, less of an obvious adventure and more of the sort you have to hunt for.

Let’s update. I moved into the new apartment. Living off-campus has been and is Glorious. Despite the fact that out my window I can no longer see an airplane, the trade-off for an accessible Korea is more than worth it.

However—after a month, just starting to feel like this apartment fits me—I will be moving again.

It’s a question of economics–the school I work for owns the apartments I and other teachers will be moving into, whereas in my current location, they pay rent—but UGH moving again. FROWN EMOTICON.

On the other hand—hooray, exploring a new neighborhood again! Hooray daily adventure! The new place will be much closer to Daegu’s downtown area, so more accessible for the friends I’ve made outside of work.

(Yes. I have those. and they are NOT—all—amorous taxi drivers.)

And–the Wonju Marathon, which was to have taken place three weeks ago, was canceled. However, we intrepid runners found another run (in Daegu!) for the end of November. Thanks be to God, the weekend BEFORE Thanksgiving. This will be our last run together–one of the four of us will leave Korea at Christmas, and another will relocate to Europe come February.

SPEAKING OF EUROPE (peep my fly transitions, yo): At this time next week, I will be IN THE AIR somewhere over Russia probably? on my way to PARIS to visit THIS KID:


O, Canada.

Of course she doesn’t usually look so fancy:


nearly two years and many haircuts ago

That’s a bit more normal. Jk. OF COURSE she is far lovelier than either of these would suggest. Ps. how ’bout that hair though? what did I DO with it all? I can’t remember.

I will hie me on my overdue vacation time to visit Vic, otherwise known as Erstwhile Roommate, currently residing in Gay Paree as a graduate student. One of my nearest and dearest forever. Last week we spent an hour on Skype discussing the game plan for my fleeting week-long vacation and this is what we came up with:

  3. maybe buy some boots (see earlier post about how my feet don’t fit in Korea)

And that’s really about it. Simple and easy to execute. I will die of cheese-surfeit, covered in brochures about ART, baguette crumbs, and super-cute scarves. Happy to my core.

In closing (peep my utter lack of transitions, yo) here is a promise from me to the Internet: I will write more. You’ll see.