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Life is still happening over here, and it’s still noteworthy (more now than ever, I’d say) even though I haven’t been noting them on this blog. In fact I haven’t been on this in so long that the entire homepage setup was redesigned and for a second I thought I was at the wrong website.

It’s September, more than a year since I began writing at this address and more than a month since I last did. It’s possible that I have been silent here so long because, increasingly, Korea is feeling like home. I’ve grown accustomed to it. In fact I’ve grown to love it. I know I won’t be here forever–only another year, probably, and this first one has gone by so quickly that I am a little alarmed at the nearness of that deadline–but I am ever more grateful for what I’ve found here, what I’ve learned about myself and about life.

Just to catch you up: in the past month I: turned 25 (26 by the Korean age calculator), welcomed one of my best friends to work here, made plans for a vacation to Paris in November and home for CHRISTMAS and yet ANOTHER wedding in December (seriously ‘McMahon weddings’ could be the basis of one of those horrifying Hallmark movie channel marathons because they are all so diabetically sweet), joined a jazz band and subsequently performed a few gigs downtown (ha, gigs. that’s a ridiculous word), signed up for my third 10k in October, and started teaching government officials with our adult student program.

In the past 24 hours, I: googled the plural of apparatus (turns out it’s apparatus) (was hoping for apparati), helped students translate a drunk retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (it is as fantastic as it sounds), and got the news that as of this weekend I’ll be moving off campus into an apartment of my own. I have never not had a roommate/apartment-mate before and after a year of living on this picturesque, boar-embattled, feral-cat infested, meticulously-landscaped bubble of a village, I am excited to live in Korea, to walk outside and be immersed in it all.  Maybe after I move I’ll put up some pictures of the place, but we all know how reliable I am about things like that (read: not reliable).

Anyway. Hello, September. Let’s be friends.