Back in February I had as part of my opening ‘gauge student level/establish ground rules/make the students think I’m funny so they will pay attention’ routine the word defenestrate. Also, I’ve been known to teach especially worthy group of kids to greet and take leave of each other with ”Sup?’ and ‘Peace,’ complete with the fist-to-chest double-tap peace-sign and chin raise. 

Defenestrate is one of my favorite words and it did wonders for making all age groups and English skill levels focus in my class. When their levels were too low to understand the word straight out, I’d act it out for them. Invariably, they caught on, and sometimes kids would remember and say goodbye after a Friday closing ceremony with ‘Peace, Colleen teacher. DEFENESTRATE.’

But, like I do, I got bored with it and changed up the routine, so that it’s been a while since any kids have heard me say ‘Defenestrate.’

Then Monday afternoon, my first class of the week, I walked into the gym to teach PE and was greeted by a collective gasp and shouts of ‘Colleen teacher! Sup! DEFENESTRATE!’

Apparently some students who visited in February returned, and what did they remember? probably nothing of the actual lessons, but they remembered–and had told their classmates all about–defenestrating and exchanging gangster greetings.  Other groups from their school were coming through my class asking when I was going to explain about throwing people out of windows. I HAVE A REPUTATION FOR THAT KIND OF BEHAVIOR.

This means two things: 1. I am a success as an educator 2. their actual schoolteacher hates me, wherever he/she is. also I have Korean street cred. Okay, three things.