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[NOTE: this post is SERIOUS in that I use all caps a LOT and talk about my FEELINGS EW SICK GROSS I know. Next time I will post about belching while I run, or something more normal for me. (I do belch. And fart and spit. Now, onto the FEELINGS!)]

I explained at the beginning of this why I was titling the blog this way.

(ps. ‘Blog’ is one of the least attractive words yet coined in the English language. Sounds like one of Jabba the Hutt’s pet names. Blog blog bloggy. Not. Appealing.)

But now that I’ve been here for eight (eight? EIGHT? going on eight) months, I think it’s time to start reporting on being a minority. That is a big topic, and a Serious One, and as such I am thinking I’ll break it up into a few parts, to be tentatively titled The Good, The Bad, and The Aesthetically Challenged.


If you have questions, or thoughts on the pros and cons of living overseas yourself, I would love to hear them, so sound off in the comments section.

(Yes I am asking for COMMENTS. Gross.)

You know something? I am pretty good at making Big Scary Life Choices and not regretting them or even doubting them. See: moving AWAY for college (Connecticut to Oklahoma, meaning I have never once taken a direct flight anywhere, I don’t think), getting an MA straight out of undergrad, moving to KOREA straight out of the MA. But. What I am not good at? is taking those tiny, insignificant, no-big-deal, absolutely paralyzingly scary steps once those big ones have been knocked off.

It’s like, hey! I made a big decision. and having done so, I will not do anything else, at all, until it’s time for the next big decision. But I will be awfully brave about THAT. You see, I am a coward. The Big Steps? They don’t intimidate me nearly as much as, say, TAKING A LANGUAGE CLASS or MEETING SOMEONE NEW or even VISITING A STRANGE CITY FOR A WEEKEND.  I mean let’s not go crazy here, people. I may have moved literally across a planet, but a three hour train ride is KIND OF A COMMITMENT.


SO that to say, I am aware of this, and I am working on it. Luckily (it’s not luck) I have some good friends who, either here with me or from continents away, can knock me out of my own head and shake me out of the groove I so like to dig for myself. And there are lots of things I am doing or THINKING ABOUT DOING (it’s not the same, I know, but it’s a step) to change that.

I’ll be hopefully posting the Minority Reports in the next weeks. Along with those burp updates I promised.