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Middle Schoolers–Worst Ever? or Worst Ever?

The past week’s evidence would suggest that the answer to that is a resounding Probably So!

We piloted a new middle school curriculum at the Village this week, and it went, honestly, about as well as a pilot program can be expected to when it is being practiced on children who were not born but probably hatched, like Orcs.

Most of these kids will enter DGEV lore as ‘remember that week…’ candidates for ‘heinous and dreadful.’ By some miracle of scheduling and the grace of God, my core group were decent (the spleen in the previous paragraph is mostly frustration borne of witnessing my coworkers’ agonies this week), but they were one of the only exceptions. As silver linings, though, my group had all the requisites: they wrote a skit for the closing performance in which Superwoman, insane after crashing into the Empire State Building, tries to kill Obama at the Statue of Liberty, and is beaten up by Jay-Z. (Obama was played by a student named Obama, and Jay-Z was played by Beyonce. I am not kidding.)

The best part of teaching middle schoolers is it really inspires you with appreciation for the elementary schoolers. Cherubs. Every one.