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Been silent for a bit because I was back in AMERICA with these guys:


These are their ferocious faces

and also these ones:


I lied, last post, about not being photogenic

And of course, these clowns:


Blue Steel

All for the purpose of celebrating this:


New Sister! Old Brother.

Now, just to recap, just to make sure you got everything (and to make sure I didn’t leave anyone out), here’s the sum of what was keeping me from posting this week:


Yes, friends, that is my immediate family. May I clarify, most of my family. three are missing. This is my life, and I couldn’t possibly love it, or them, any more.

On my oh-so-brief trip back to ‘MERICA (the first in seven months: i cannot, really truly cannot, grasp the truth of that) I got to eat MERICAN foods (like lunchables! guacamole! and OH HOLY NIGHT, frozen green beans), and buy MERICAN shoes and dresses (!) and even drive a little (!!!! I miss driving. oh so much). Despite raging jet-lag and airplane lumbar, I relished every moment of my trip.

And coming back to South Korea? (and, be it known, arriving in Daegu at 220 am and then working all day. #mcmahonhandled) Coming back to South Korea felt right, not to say easy, or simple. Back before this whole thing started, when I knew my time in Connecticut would be brief, I decided that I would make a conscious effort to be present (ugh, italics) in CT while I had time there, and that’s how I feel now about SK. It’s not always easy, living here, working here, trying to find my niche and figure out what’s coming next, but I’m here, and I choose to be all here. No turning back. I’m grateful. Especially for this:


and this, this, and this:

whirling dervish



So that optimism of mine, in the past post, was absolutely, billions of times over, validated. I am unconscionably blessed.

OH and p.s? how cute is that dress?! After finding out, a week before the wedding, that what I planned on wearing matched the bridesmaids, I ordered this lil guy from ModCloth.com, an excellent place to make wishlists and devise reward systems for paying off certain percentages of your student loans–or wait, is that just me. Nevermind. The dress got to my sisters in time for them to get it to me, and it fit perfectly, and I felt beautiful. Which is not bad for under fifty bucks.