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Go here and enter your twitter handle to read the poetry you didn’t know you were tweeting, like:

Gettin’ filmed by my toes. Putting together a question. deschanel all agree that Culture Shock is a!


Korean child! remember, remember that even a week of cute how is poetry nothing as socrates once said.


HEY I’ll hear one is fun but go round, as a mix of them all agree that guy. Also, gross. I’m being today.

That one has kind of a deeper message? maybe?


Predictions for the gospel. i have to be awake! aw. I received a scale from the world go for summertime?

the theological implications are staggering.

Nothing triggers spiraling depression like stevie wonder singing the wave at lauren’s. somewhere.

Help me you guys. i can’t stop. it’s like mad libs but the possibilities are ENDLESS.

I’m writing from my hotel room in Incheon. It occurred to me three hours into my four hour bus ride up here this afternoon that it would have been cheaper to stay out late in Daegu tonight, catch a midnight bus (instead of a 3pm bus) and get to the airport at 4.30 and then just wait there til my 8am flight, rather than doing what I’m doing, which is, as I said, staying in a nearby hotel. geez you guys, try to keep up. BUT I am glad I am here, and glad I’m not still in Daegu waiting for a bus. And I am GLADDEST that in about 24 hours I’ll be home. Not Connecticut home. Just where they are home. Thank you Jesus.

Annnd the last of the tweet mashups: maybe a sign I should stop:

Not possible. on my whistling, but TOO BAD I miss that I am going to kill to prompt spontaneous homicidal!

and on that note, goodnight.