1. a wide-open balcony window
  2. kindergarteners dancing to ‘kung fu fighting’
  3. kindergarteners, emboldened by their prowess in the dance, attacking
  4. full suitcases
  5. weather above 65F

I think we can take that as a sample definition.

Seoul tomorrow, Miguk Thursday. FAMBLY TIMES. There aren’t enough all caps in the world to express my joy. oh oh oh. oh.

Seriously? My family, it is the business. This may explain why my checked bag is already full of goodies I’ve picked up for them…before I have started putting in things I might need. Like underpants. Or deodorant.

(Apparently those are my only two needs. Simplicity is my motto.)

Here’s to seeing the ones I love most (most of the ones I love most), and a week of travelling and laughing and taking terrible, unphotogenic pictures, and laughing and arguing and laughing and so much food will be eaten and trying to convince the babies that I’m the coolest aunt and here is also to run-on sentence. Grammar!


Clearly I was lying, we are incredibly photogenic