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It’s been a while since my last post, but I thought I’d give you some time to digest it. (eh? eh?)

All jokes aside, I have a very good reason why this week has been postless: I am so Very Tired, All the Time Tired, with the Yawning and the Slow Blinks and the Tiredness, and that is because TOMORROW I will be running 10 kilometers on purpose, without anyone threatening or chasing me, in the Yeongju Marathon.

I took Thursday and Friday off of my workout routine, and just now I ran 4k, just to get loose for TOMORROW. And then I ate a small dinner.

Truthfully (ugh I am about to be maudlin) I am so excited about this. I know it’s only 10 kilometers, a good 20 MILES short of what the actual marathoners will be doing. But for me? For me, this is a Big Deal. Because Running On Purpose was never something I thought I would want to do, or enjoy at all. Or even, be able to do. And I am doing it. And I am enjoying it, even that awful dry-throat-burny feeling and how my muscles, they have taken to twitching. In ‘training’ for this run, I have overcome some significant mental and spiritual barriers that have been in place for a long, long time. While I have some goals for this race (1. Don’t cry 2. Don’t soil self 3. Beat younger sister’s time [hi Sarah]) the main goal (4. FINISH) has really already been accomplished. I am going to do it. I am not going to die. And after tomorrow, I’m not going to stop. I am gaining ground, and I am grateful for that.

And yes. I will have this song playing in my head tomorrow. THE MICHAEL BOLTON VERSION. Don’t fight it.

ps. prayers appreciated. 🙂