As a child I spent most of my time (when I was not reading or complaining about not being able to read) wanting other people to think I was cool, and by people I mean 12 year olds because is there anyone else whose opinion matters, I mean really? Until I got to high school and then it was like OH MY GOD, please, other high schoolers, please think I am cool. And it didn’t matter if I knew these high schoolers (since my high school boasted about 15), it was just high schoolers, in general, anywhere, please think I am cool.

In other words this is the best possible job for Colleen ages 12-17. Because good gravy Marie do these high schoolers think I’m cool.

Here is a transcript of a postcard from a high schooler this weekend:

Dear, collen

Hi, I am having fun at the village

You’re so beautiful.

Let’s go! , eat Andong chicken short time, but I’m fun and happy!

See you soon ❤

ED (seonsan high school)

Although he spelled my name wrong he did remember my favorite food. Andong chicken, you guys, is a saucy, glorious, rice-noodly inferno that generally requires a bib. And talk about high hopes. He even included his high school name in case I decide to look him up one of these lonely winter days.

I have never thought, and still don’t think, I am really cut out to be a teacher for the long haul. But to be thought cool by high schoolers? It means that this job is basically the greatest.

Ed, for what it’s worth, 16 year old Colleen would have mocked your syntax mercilessly while assuming you would appreciate her wit. You dodged a bullet there little guy.