from my boss this week.

I have been asked to let teachers know that they shouldn’t go for walks/runs in the woods for the next wee while and to be prepared to hear some random gun shots. Wild boars have been seen often near the village recently. Apparently a group of hunters have been asked to scour the village for the next few days on a wild boar hunt.  So don’t freak out about the gun shots and avoid wandering in the woods for your own protection.

Keep in mind that we live in a tiny little valley in the midst of high hills, and the only way on or off the campus (without a bus or taxi) is by walking in those boar-infested hills, prompting visions of a teacher innocently heading for the Sindong post office and plummeting to a gory, poky death in a boar pit filled with sharpened stakes. If we all manage to avoid being shot by this enterprising troupe of locals, i’m looking forward to the variety in the cafeteria next week.