Things I Need to do Tonight:

  1. Grading homework for my TESOL students
  2. Planning the week’s lessons
  3. Learning the not-planned-by-me lessons I have to teach this week

Things I Have Done Tonight:

  1. Eaten dinner
  2. Hung up laundry
  3. Hung up new coat hooks
  4. Put coats on hooks
  5. Emptied coat pockets (found camera, batteries, bus card, 30,000 W in cash, elastic headband, lip balm)
  6. Contemplated size of coat pockets
  7. Picked up assignments to grade from office
  8. Begun this post.

Things I Keep Doing Tonight, and for the Past Week:

  1. Being unable to stop listening to This Song
  2. And This One
  3. And This One, too
  4. Also, This.

Things that have Adversely Impacted my Day:

  1. Computer refusing to turn on at the start of teaching 2-hour class
  2. New pants ripping unfortunately.
  3. Not Noticing item 2 until the end of the day.

Things that Reversed Previous List:

  1. Everything from the Third List
  2. Christmas package from Lauren

I’m off now to accomplish the First List.