If you can understand Korean, this is the link to my television debut:


If you click on “TV” in the black toolbar on the top, and then on the first link (생방송 투데이) in the “TV Program” sidebar on the left, that should take you to the show page.

From there, find the shaded brown/grey menu in the center of the page, and click on the last link in that box. It looks like this: 

And THEN, click on the video link for 11/1/11. Right now it’s #1734 and the video file name is “today11-1101.wmv” and the Korean title looks like this: 방학 전 꼼꼼 체크! 우리지역 영어마을. (EDIT: OH OH GUYS I DID IT! CLICK HERE. and then the video’s right there! Technology, I love you! Ps. isn’t that anchor’s argyle sweater vest just the cutest thing?)

Clicking that file link SHOULD play the video for you in Media Player. The video is 16.33 long; the show covered three different English villages in the Daegu area and DGEV is second on the video and AS YOU WILL SEE we are clearly the best (for some reason, watching it, I got all school-spirity. O’Doyle rules!)

So if you watch this you can see my campus! and the airplane! and during the interview with the DGEV administrator the Short and Perky reporter is very impressed with the Real Airplane! See? I don’t make stuff up. AND Mr. I gets SPR to do the Hokey Pokey! You should so watch this video you guys.

Excuse the extensive directions but there’s no simpler way to link it. Wish there were. (EDIT: THERE SO WAS.)

Don’t worry, now that I’m famous I will still make time for the little people, as long as you pay me.  Mama needs a new wardrobe, peons.

(Oh, and they so kindly cut that charming “they like it!” Classy.)