Before I leave for Korea:

  • Call assorted friends/relatives
  • Give said friends/relatives my Skype handle
  • Explain to my mother that Skype is not going to download viruses on her computer
  • Eat lots of American food (categories: crappy//delicious//awesome and any combination of the three)
  • Start learning the Hangul alphabet
  • Watch as much Netflix as possible before I cancel my free trial (Ally McBeal?  Why not.)
  • Learn how to say things like “where is the bathroom?” in Korean
I feel like I’m forgetting something….
oh, yeah.
  • Pack
(p.s. Leaving on Thursday is looking increasingly tenuous. If the visa stuff arrives tomorrow, I should be in good shape. If not, this weekend it is.  I am in limbo.)
(addendum to the p.s.: Acquiring the visa has thus far involved interrupting at least five different Korean Consulate employees on their lunch breaks, crying in the office of the Windsor Postmaster, and having the Windsor Postmaster talk to the Korean Consulate employees for me.  In case you are wondering, this regimen is highly recommended if you’re interested in losing any illusions of dignity/maturity.)