Q: What do you do with two degrees in English?

A: live in a box/ enter corporate America/ go for a third degree/ become insufferable at parties

(any one of those answers is acceptable.)

But with two English degrees myself, I have decided to try something different.  Though my field of study has been literature, my goal has been to work with literacy and education in third world countries.  I don’t know how to do that, and I don’t know when I will; so in order to gain experience in teaching as well as in living abroad, I’m moving from Connecticut/Oklahoma to Daegu, South Korea, to teach English.

I will be leaving Thursday.
Do I know what I’m doing? Not exactly.
But I know I’m doing The Next Thing.   And I’m indescribably excited about where this will all lead.

This blog will be, ideally, a record of my time in Korea.  I hope to travel while I’m here, and become at least a little familiar with this area of the world.  From what I’ve heard from other teachers (and from what I know from my own classroom experiences) I can count on some memorable student interactions, which I plan on noting here.

And let’s see…what else?  I suppose this will be my forum for staying in touch with the familiar while living with the foreign.  I hope I can offer you some encouragement as well as information, updates, and general hilarity.  Come, read, chuckle, comment.